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[IP] We WON! (Canada)

Hi all:  It has been forever since we posted here as we have been consumed
with our impending court case against the Canadian Government.  We were
fighting to receive the Disability Tax Credit on behalf of our (now 5) year
old son.

In Canada this is the only tax break for us and unfortunately it has
"disability" in the title.  We were set to prove that even though our son can
walk, talk and eat, he cannot do these things unaided--in the form of a parent
planning his meals, administering his insulin, treating hypos etc. The
Government arbitrarily gives this out to families that apply and really base
their decisions on nothing in particular, very biased.

We have been in battle for 2 years now and were scheduled to attend The Tax
Court of Canada on November 2 of this year. I have STACKS of paperwork and
only 2 cases have ever been appealed to this level on behalf of type 1
diabetes in children.  The last one took place in 1994.  They were BOTH
granted the Credit.

Well, this morning we found out that the Government of Canada has changed
their decision and is granting us the credit, which will be awarded
retroactive to diagnosis in 1998 and will continue until our son is 18 years
old. They felt that due to our doctor's 100% backing and testimony that they
would not win.

This is a HUGE Win on behalf of ALL children with diabetes in Canada.  Our
case will not set precedent but can now be used to fight for the credit on
behalf of your children.  I will be compiling all my research and past case
examples and will make them available to interested parents as soon as I can.
There is no reason why we should get this (and MANY MANY others) when your
child isn't.  Please feel free to email me for further details or if you have

Thanks to all those who prayed for us and gave some great advice in the past!
(Bretton's Mom)
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