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[IP] winter

> > .  Last winter when it was cold, I found I needed more insulin.
> > THen as it got warmer, I needed less
> > I have been pumping for 18 years.  Early on, I noticed that, starting 
> around
> > early October (and definately by the change in daylight savings time),
> > through the winter months, I have to up my basal by about 0.1 unit an 
> hour.
> >  Then a few years ago, when SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) became a
> > written about syndrome, I realized that was my problem--as winter
> > approaches my body generally becomes more sluggish, wants to hibernate 
> > winter, and my insulin requirements go up.  I suppose it has to do with 
> the
> > corresponding release, or lack thereof, of hormones.  While I can't 
> totally
> > explain this occurance, I definately also have this problem.  If only I
> > could live in a sunny, warm climate all the time!!
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