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[IP] re: flu shot good or bad - definately good

I used to not get the flu shot and never had a problem. (I'm just lucky that 
I didn't get the flu during those years.)  But then my brother nearly died 
from getting the flu which turned into pneumonia, and he is not diabetic.  
That very same year an old classmate of mine who had diabetes died from the 
flu.   Ever since then I have gotten the flu shot, which is a good thing 
because my son had the flu during one of those years.  I was lucky that I had 
been immunized.   Sometimes you do get the flu even after immunization, but 
it is supposed to be a more mild case.  The true flu, not just a virus with a 
fever, is a very serious  sometimes life threatening illness, especially for 
us diabetics.  I'll gladly take the discomfort and fever that I get 48 hours 
after the shot in comparison to ending up in a hospital.
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