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Re: [IP] Highs, highs, highs!!!

<< This pattern we get every 3 or 4 months and is a pain, because when we do 
raise basals and get everything back to normal, she will start having lows 
and then we have to lower the basals again...it4s like a cycle with us. Just 
curious, do any other parents go through this or is it just me??? >>

Hi Yvonne,

Eileen is 13.  I think there's your answer.   ;-)

I am pretty sure I'm already in perimenopause (I'm almost 43), and I go 
through the cycling, too.  I think it's just the effect of hormones.  I don't 
just have one basal pattern I use premenstrually and then another one--I have 
to make adjustments at other times, too--although not consistently every 
month.  My body is going through its thing, and I feel grateful that the pump 
can pretty much handle it.  

I do have more lows than I want, because as I require a switch to a different 
basal pattern, I don't always figure it out immediately, but it's still much 
easier to handle on a pump than with MDI.

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