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RE: [IP] Flu shot, good or bad

 Sherry Said:

>It is recommended for diabetics.  However, I have everytime gotten >very
>sick within days of getting the flu shot.  So I haven't had one >in over 5
>years now and have been fine.

Seems like the same thing happens to me.  Like an allergic reaction or
something.  Plus, I've gotten the flu even after getting the flu shot, so I
don't even bother anymore.  I just know that as soon as one person in my
office gets sick, its just a matter of time before I get whatever it is.

I always thought it was just me.

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Thank you ladies!!  Now I KNOW it's not just me!!  I used to get the flu shot,
but I too would get really sick a couple days after I got the shot.  All the
doctors told me it was just coincidence because the flu shot would not make
you sick unless you are allergic to eggs!  Excuse me -- just coincidence that
about 5 years in a row, about two days after receiving the flu shot, I spent
the day in bed and puking my guts up?

Thanks ladies!!  You made me feel better!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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