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[IP] Highs, highs , highs!!!

We too, having been having high's for about a week now. Started basal 
testing at night because she was waking up low every day and suddenly now 
she's in her 300's at 7:00 a.m. so definitely something is up. Does anybody 
know when dawn phenomenon starts, because the Pumping Insulin book says 
basals should be raised 2-3 hours before. I know YMMV. Will keep on checking 
all thru this week.

We have also noticed that her corrections are not bringing her down as fast 
as they used to, sometimes have to double it. so there is some insulin 

This pattern we get every 3 or 4 months and is a pain, because when we do 
raise basals and get everything back to normal, she will start having lows 
and then we have to lower the basals again...it4s like a cycle with us. Just 
curious, do any other parents go through this or is it just me???

Mom to Eileen, 13, dxd 93 and pumping for 14 months and loving it!!

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