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re: [IP] Sleeping with the pump

<<Pat Tennies <email @ redacted> Just a question:  When I get my pump, my
biggest worry is how to sleep with it. >>

Pat, our son was really worried about that when he first got his
pump, but it's turned out to be a non-issue.  We had him clip it to
his jammies & wear it to bed for several days before his pump start,
with no tubing/no attachment to him.  He had a few minutes of discomfort
and then got it a spot near the small of his back (he sleeps on one
side or the other), and did fine.  Generally he wears his pump clipped
to his pj's at the back of his pants.   He has worn the waist-it
pouch as well, but when summer came he didn't want anything hot
around him, and now he prefers it this way.  We did have it loose
in bed next to him but it worried him so much that we clipped it on
so he could relax and sleep.

Our biggest worry with the pump continues to be that lack of 
long-acting insulin, so you just have to be ever-vigilant on how
you feel and on checking frequently enough to catch problems.  Get
the "Pumping Insulin" book by John Walsh & Ruth Roberts, and have
a great pump start.  Our son would not go back to shots!
Good luck!
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/01, dx'd 10/99 

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