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Re: [IP] asthma and allbuterol

>There is a warning that albuterol should be
>"used with caution in patients with diabetes"
>So I bet it does either raise the BS or do something

A drug with "sympathomimetic " properties acts much the same
as adrenalin, which is the same hormone that gives the early
warning symptoms of hypoglycemia. It makes sense that the
action of these drugs woul cause a similar increase in BG

It is adrenalin that triggers the body to convert stored
glycogen to glucose and to convert protein and fats to
usable forms of glucose energy (conter-regulatory respose in
hypoglycemia). (A too long and detailed physiological
process to post for now.)

Cortisone (steroid) also has a role in this process, but its
effects tend to last longer than the adrenalin.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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