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[IP] exercise and other questions

How are people handling exercising with the pump.  It seems to defeat the 
purpose of exercising to go low and not have enuf energy to finish a workout. 
 Do they turn the pump off for an hour before exercise?   Temporarily lower 
basals?  I am trying to lose weight so eating a snack doesn't seem like a 
good option.  I tried having my sugar be 200 before the workout and still 
went low.

What changes are people having to make regarding weather changes?  

And then there is the menstrual cycle question?  How do the women deal with 
this?  Guys...there is no need to answer since you can just vacate the 
premises.  We have to live here!!!

FYI...I have been on Novolog for a week and initially my sugars were perfect. 
 This week, I am running high, possibly from any of the above 

Thanks for any and all info...feel free to email me privately...Michelle
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