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Re: [IP] Medicool Insulin Protector - frozen insulin

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Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 7:00 PM
Subject: [IP] Medicool Insulin Protector - frozen insulin

> I have a question about the Medicool Insulin Protector -
> Since it was a little warmer out today I put my 1/3 full insulin vial in
> cooler and had it in my car for about 3 hours - as I didn't want to run
> of insulin while I'm due for a change on my pump this evening.  When I
> home I took it out and noticed my insulin was frozen and when it warmed up
> it looked ok.
> The question is 1. if insulin is frozen - is it supposed to crystalize or
> still look the same?
> 2.  I've used the Medicool before in warmer temperatures and at longer
> period of time so the ice pack would eventually melt and if the insulin
> frozen it would also melt and I would never have known it was frozen and
> then how would I know that this really effected the insulin as I've alway
> had roller coaster BS and since on the pump cannot be sure if its insulin
> the site.
> I will throw this 1/3 vial out just to be safe and will use the frio
> instead.  I just like to keep the insulin cold but I guess the frio will
> keep it in the safe zone better then the medicool.
> charlotte
> _________________________________________________________________
>Charlotte, insulin is destroyed by freezing, don't try to use it, it may
work but potency won't be full. spot
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