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RE;[IP] asthma

I can share one with you.  One time a peds doc  told me that he didn't think 
that an infection on my son's finger would affect his BGs either.  You have 
to consider the source.  These guys are mostly NOT familiar with the ins and 
outs of diabetes and don't really know what will or will not affect it.  My 
understanding, and forgive me folks if I am way off here, but the albueteral 
inhaler has steroids in it and steroid will make your BGs rise.  I may be 
wrong, let's hope I am.  But you really need to remember that the doctor who 
is dealing with your asthmas , if he isn't an internist or endo, will 
probably not know a great deal about diabetes and what affects it!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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