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Re: [IP] Staph Bacteria

Linda Kelly wrote:

> Donna Rushing wrote:
> > In this month's issue of Diabetes Interview in the Q&A section, a woman
> > writes about boils she gets in her underarm area.  The doctor responds
> > saying it's likely to be caused by a staph infection, which is common

Oops, hit wrong button.
I have had a staph infection since 1966 with first baby. (picked infection up
in a hosp.) Was not Dxed with gestational diabetes then, nor with other two.
It comes and goes, yes esp when Bgs high, & it is hot. (It helps being able
to do correction bolus at 2 hr if needed, Dr. said not at 3hr. )   Mine was
said to be hydradenitis, (inflammation of sweat glands) in groin, &/or
armpits.  Is not boils.  PCP calls them cysts. Noone else in immediate family
has this.
Was on a maintenance dose of tetracycline for years until all I could get
were the pink generic ones, am allergic to a dye in those so now take 100mg
cap Doxycycline when necessary. Since Dxed with DM, have become allergic to
several things, the first noted were sulfa drugs. (DM orals esp!) Now latex
Tetracycline may be suspect of causing diabetes, not mine, mine is hereditary
for sure, a Type 2 fast gone, going 1. IMO!  Linda
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