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[IP] NOVOLOG?.......Let me be the first....

I have read nothing but glowing reports on Novolog  posted here, however I
cannot post similar results.

Two nurses in my Endo's office are using Novolog in their pumps and are doing
very well.  I was having insulin stability problems with  the Humalog lasting
only a short time after filling my reservoir.  I found two things that were
affecting it.  While pumping for two + years I found out "that for me" when
unsterile air hit that insulin bottle,  the Humalog started its deterioration.
I always keep my insulin refrigerated, even so when air hits it, it won't last
very long in the bottle ( at the end of the bottle it gets pretty weak) and
lasts less time in the pump.

The other problem is that Humalog can't "take the heat".  The insulin in the
tubing can change temperature very fast, even if the temperature change is
only brief.  Warm days over 75 degrees, a warm room, a warm bed, an electric
blanket, a shower or bath without disconnecting, napping by a warm heater on a
cold day and even body heat from having my pump in a pocket with other
clothing layered on top has rendered my Humalog "useless" in the past.  I was
able to overcome the heat issue by putting my pump and tube into a fanny pack
with some ice packs, but what a hassle.

In June the nurse gave me some "fresh" Novolog to try.  She told me she uses
it, unit for unit, in place of Humalog and it would be more stable.  I was
happy about that and so I tried it! It is more stable. But for me, right off
the bat I found several things:  1st. it wasn't unit for unit. I used it for a
month and after much trial and error for both basil and bolus I had to use a
lot more to get acceptable sugars.  At the end of the month I calculated that
the Novolog was 4/5ths as strong as Humalog, both bolusing and basil rates.
2nd the onset and duration both were a lot longer.  It didn't start to work
much before 45 minutes to an hour and the duration was about 4 to 5 hours
resulting in a rounder peak. I was using 45 to 55 of Humalog a day previously
and now I was using 60 to 70 units of Novolog a day! I said "bag it".  I hate
fighting blood sugars.  YMMV

Then I started mixing Humalog and Velosulin and my problems were over. I have
had no more stability problems.  I use a full reservoir and 5 days later it's
still good to the last drop! I am mixing 75% Humalog to 25% Velosulin. I'm
filling my reservoir from  Humalog pen cartridges now so I don't have the
"air" problem and the Humalog is always fresh.  My daily usage is 45 to 55
units again.  My sugars are great and I'm expecting my next a1c to be far
better than it's ever been before.  I'm not fighting blood sugars anymore.  I
have no heat problems at all since mixing.  I don't need the fanny pack with
ice any more.   I have always carb counted and now  I can  guarantee myself
that in two hours after eating or two hours after a correction bolus or both
that my blood sugar will be on a dime, exactly where I want it. The "tail" on
the Velosulin is not hardly even noticeable to me. I feel better, too

Novolog is not for me.  YMMV  I don't know why the mix works, but it does.  I
don't want Novolog to put Humalog "out of business"!  I realize everyone
reacts differently to this stuff but there must be someone who has found
similar results from Novolog.   If you have, I hope you will post.

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