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[IP] Medicool Insulin Protector - frozen insulin

I have a question about the Medicool Insulin Protector -
Since it was a little warmer out today I put my 1/3 full insulin vial in the 
cooler and had it in my car for about 3 hours - as I didn't want to run out 
of insulin while I'm due for a change on my pump this evening.  When I came 
home I took it out and noticed my insulin was frozen and when it warmed up 
it looked ok.

The question is 1. if insulin is frozen - is it supposed to crystalize or 
still look the same?
2.  I've used the Medicool before in warmer temperatures and at longer 
period of time so the ice pack would eventually melt and if the insulin was 
frozen it would also melt and I would never have known it was frozen and 
then how would I know that this really effected the insulin as I've alway 
had roller coaster BS and since on the pump cannot be sure if its insulin or 
the site.

I will throw this 1/3 vial out just to be safe and will use the frio wallet 
instead.  I just like to keep the insulin cold but I guess the frio will 
keep it in the safe zone better then the medicool.


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