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Re: [IP] faulty connectors -Christa -long replay

I'm having the same problem of leaking insulin at the connecting point - 
could it be the connectors or the reservoir? - everytime when I prime and 
the reprime the insulin would take a while before it would drip out of the 
site end during the reprime (but did come out during the first prime) then I 
would change the reservoir and reuse the infusion set - the new reservoir 
would not leak which makes me believe it the reservoir - I had this 
happening where 1 box of reservoir I came with 4 bad leaky reservoir so far 
and had problems with BS about 7 weeks ago for about a month and a half ( 
probably with another box of leaky reservoir from the same lot which I never 
caught until I had one from this box that leak alot).  This was happening 
with and in the beginning thought was a bad sofset and I tried with 
quicksets so I threw out 2 sets and reservoir until the 3rd I just change 
reservoir and then it would work.  I've returned 2 reservoirs, threw away 1 
because I thought the first one I may have cracked it by tightening the 
needle to tight and I got another one from the same lot that I will call 
Minimed Monday and am due for another change as soon as my insulin warms up.

sorry for rambling but thought maybe not the connectors - could be reservoir 
since you are having problems with sofset, another person with Sils and I'm 
having it with both sofset and quicksets?


>From: christa <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: pump board <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] faulty  connectors
>Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:46:56 -0700 (PDT)
>Just to give more info on the faulty connector issue -
>the problem was with the sof-set with my minimed 507C
>- the place were the tubing screws into the syringe
>was leaking from the screw in place.  It was welling
>up over the lip because there wasn't a tight enough
>seal ( my guess)  The tech had me use the blue clip to
>try and create an alarm (the clip blocks the tubing
>when you jam it into it and it's found in the box the
>sets some in) no alarm sounded so she asked me to wrap
>tissue around that  connecting point and found liquid.
>  So that's the story any more questions which i'd be
>happy to answer because I know of at least one and it
>sounded like another who had this problem on the board
>- christa
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