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[IP] just a patient! a response to jan Hughey

Jan Hughey writes about bad doctors. Spot answers her:
yes Jan, I have seen that since I retired and am just a patient, went for a
cardiac stress test . Since I had a coronary and arrested 2/22/99 I don't know
why the doc wanted it. Angio aat that time showed extensive left main disease,
no right coronary that was patent and several areas of dead heart muscle, yet
I needed the stress test. during the test I noted that my T waves turned over
(a sign of lack of oxygen) and i felt out of breath although I kept going to
the bitter end. Never had any chst pains. asked why test was continued, was
told in a brush off fashion we want to see how good your heart is. I already
know that I said,  Its not good, I was developing an ache in my chest and told
him, He was not interested. They gave me cardiolyte and scanned me. I asked
this doctor who was younger than I was if he had reviewed my previous records,
no he says. I was moderatly annoyed, had he read it there would have been no
stress test. Why get him records he won't review, then doctors wonder why
patients are angry at them This presumptuous little pr*** then schedules me
for a coronary angiogram which I had several of  just 12 months priior. I said
I would pass, he threatened me with death I said I don't care, I don't want
anything done I'll take my chances. You pushed me beyond the limits of good
medicine on my stress test so you don't cre either Now I really know why
people hate doctors. He never looked at my old cine or films from previous
angios. I did get a huge bill from the hospitl and the doctors.
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