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[IP] Cold Weather Impact on Pumps

Hi everyone,
   As the winter season is already showing its face up her in Manitoba I
am wondering what percautions people take with their pump when the weather
turns cold. This will be my first winter on the pump so I am looking for
some tips to keep everything functioning properly, keeping in mind that it
can get to -40 degrees celsius where I live (sometimes down to -55 or -60
with the wind chill).

Thanks for all the great advice!!
Sarah Arnal (IDDM since 05/93, MM508 since 05/01)

It doesn't get nearly that cold in Pennsylvania , At Worst -26 or so in Kane
Pa. I live in Philadelphia which stays fairly warm all winter, never had a
problem with Christine who functioed flawlessly in the worst of circumstances,
on my belt in the open. Was up in Mt. Jewett where it was -30 one morning when
I went fishing.  Checked on Christine's tube she did fine. Spot and Christine
mm508.  Would have to say, mm508 is well designed to compensate for bad
environmental conditions. Just dont allow your Insulin to freeze. Freezing
destroys insulin. you body warmth should protect it.
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