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[IP] Pump Upgrade

Like Debra Graves, I also had/have a MiniMed 507 and my warranty ran out
about a week ago. I contacted MiniMed, Animas and Disetronic. Charlene from
Animas called me the next day also and they sent me a video of their pump. I
told Charlene I was looking at upgrading early in January  because we had
used all the funding in this year's non-taxable payroll deduction account.
She checked with my insurance carrier and gave me a $600 cost for a new pump
after trade-in of my 507. The MiniMed Rep called me the second day, went
over the upgrade program from the 508 to the Paradigm and had the company
call me with my final cost of $0 after a trade in and financial assistance
that I didn't even request. I don't have to return the 507 pump and can keep
it as a back-up since I'm not having any problems with it. I was seeing my
endo Thursday and had planned to discuss this with her but decided after
viewing the Animas video that I preferred the appearance and operation of
the MiniMed 508 so I had them go ahead with working on approval with the
insurance carrier. I did talk with the endo and she said they did have a
patient on the Animas pump, they were comfortable with that but that they
didn't see any improved control with the 0.05 unit feature. Two days after
talking with the area MiniMed Rep I had a 508 in my hands. A CDE will be
coming to my home to review the operation of this pump and answer any
questions I might have. I'm sure the Animas is just as good a pump but I'm
comfortable with the MiniMed pump and customer support. I haven't heard a
word or seen anything from Disetronic yet.  BTW, the people at Animas I left
a message with asking for information about the EZ Manager software for
PDA's haven't gotten back to me yet either. It really looked good and the
brochure said a trial version could be downloaded from their website but I
can't find it there. Can't believe how easy upgrading was! My insurance
carrier hasn't been unreasonable so far . . .  Donna
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