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Re: [IP] Sleeping

In a message dated 10/20/2001 12:58:35 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When I get my pump, my biggest worry
>  is how to sleep with it.  The literature recommends
>  putting it under your pillow or on your waist. 
>  Obviously these people have never seen me sleep!!  How
>  do you keep from getting the tubing wrapped all around
>  you when you toss and turn?!!

If you're going to do a pump trial with saline (some docs do this prior to 
pumping insulin and others don't -- pros & cons to both ways), you'll have a 
chance to experiment with this ahead of time to see what works best for you . 
. . but even if not, you'll probably get it figured out within a night or two 
. . .

My ten year old is a wild woman when it comes to sleeping :  over and over, 
changing ends, sideways, you name it.  She uses a set with the long tubing 
option (43")  and just throws the pump in bed with her (usually up about 
chest or shoulder height) and since she started pumping has had any problems 
with insulin delivery (i.e. from dislodged sites, kinked tubing or whatever). 
 Every once in a while she clips it to PJ bottoms (with all the tubing tucked 
inside) or to the neck line of a sleep t-shirt.  

There are also specialized sleepwhere with built in pockets that have a slit 
to the inside to snake your tubing through (kinda pricey, I thought).  There 
is the "Waist It" waist band that you can wear loosely so that it kinda let 
your pump slide around as you turn over and stuff.  I've also heard of folks 
who put their pump into a baby/small child size sock and then attach it to 
their sleepwear with a diaper pin . . . 

Don't get to worried about this . .. you'll quickly find the right solution 
for you!

Happy Pumping!

Pumpmama to katie
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