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[IP] My reply to BMJ

My now 13 year old son has been successfully using CSII for over 6 years.  
Not once in that time period has he gone into DKA.  Our proactive pediatric 
endocrinologist, Dr. Robin Nemery in the USA, gave us excellent pre-pump 
education.  Over the last 6 years we have never once regretted switching from 
the impossible life of living with long acting insulin on board in a child to 
the liberating life on CSII. 

Doctors of patients with diabetes are remiss in not becoming knowledgeable 
and up to speed in this method of insulin delivery.  CSII is far from new 
protocol.  It's been around and accepted well over 20 years and it's 20th 
century medicine.  Shouldn't all doctors in the 21st century be required to, 
at a minimum, offer therapy from last century?

Patients and their families can and should be empowered to use the insulin 
pump to its fullest benefit.  Many patients on MDI end up in hospital in DKA. 
 I'd like to ask G. Knight how many "dead in bed syndrome" patients have been 
encountered with CSII vs MDI?

G. Knight points out: "I suggest that physicians should avoid being coerced 
into dabbling in pump therapy by patients or pressure groups."  Shame on 
physicians for not availing themselves of every opportunity to train their 
patients in the use of CSII.  Shame on G. Knight for taking the cowardly view 
that rather than a physician learning and subsequently empowering their 
patients, they should hide.

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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