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[IP] Pump Covers (was Pump Upgrades)

In a message dated 10/19/2001 9:15:09 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> (By the way -- did you guys know that the new Animas pump - the R1000 - 
>  with replaceable covers - about like a cell phone?  You can buy any color
>  cover for it -- and they also have reusable stickers - like for holidays 
>  stuff - to change the look of the pump!  This would be GREAT for those
>  children on insulin pumps!  Will make the pump fit in a little better with
>  everyday life!!)

You betcha!  My 10 year old has just about every color they make and 
especially likes the ones that are in metallic and irridescent (sp?) colors.  
We haven't seen the many of the stickers yet, but look forward to adding 
those to her pump "wardrobe" . . . 

It's really a minor thing when you think about all the other significant 
features of pumps, but these covers really do add to the "cool factor" for 
kids/teens (my daughter says "only old men would wear a pump in an ugly black 
leather case" -- and while I don't necessarily agree with that, I think it 
does show that aesthetics do matter) . . . 

If you go to the "virtual pump" on the Animas web site you can "try on" a 
handful of different pump covers (as well as try out various pump operations 
like doing a bolus, etc.) . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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