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[IP] Staph Bacteria

In this month's issue of Diabetes Interview in the Q&A section, a woman
writes about boils she gets in her underarm area.  The doctor responds
saying it's likely to be caused by a staph infection, which is common among
insulin dependent diabetics.  He suggested that she bathe with
anti-bacterial soap.

For the last 9 months I have had numerous break-outs in the area just south
of my arm pits, on my sides.  These aren't as large as boils, but aren't
exactly pimples either.  They are numerous, appear whether I sweat or not
and are quite painful.  I haven't mentioned this to my dr yet out of

I no longer use anti-bacterial soap except in the kitchen.  I've heard that
the soap will lower the body's resistance to anti-biotics.  My mother
insists that I bathe my entire body with anti-bacterial soap (I'm 39 for
petes sake!!), thinking this will surely help avoid cellulitis as well.

So, I ask all of you; do you have similar break-outs like this?  Has a dr.
told you it's staph?  I'm hoping 'spot' will respond and offer his wisdom as
well on this subject.

Thanks for your input!
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