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Subject: Re: [IP] Animas pump

This issue about pump choice and your docs office stating 'discomfort' with
the Animas is truly amazing to me!  My son ( now 7yrs old) has been on both
the Mini-med (for 2.5 yrs) and the Animas (almost 1 yr.).  Both are great
products while offering different capabilities.  I no more would accept a
medical office questioning my capability in making the appropriate choice
than I  would allow them in making choices for me -- supposedly to follow
blindly -- beware of the infallible doctor!  With only 90 pump patients I
hardly think they are the experts they claim to be!  By all means find
another practice that is not only more accommodating but is also less
judgmental -- goodness only knows you do not need to be told how
non-compliant you are when you are trying to choose the right pump.  Can you
imagine what the practice will say if your opinion differs on basal rates or
carb ratios?  They sound like a relationship you should lose in a hurry!
Barbi Lazarow
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