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Re: [IP] Re: change in morning bg levels

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 email @ redacted wrote:

> >From Rhonda McClary
> 'has anyone else ever been on the same basal rates for long period of time
> and all of a sudden there needs to be a dramatic change in your rate? '
> I have been going through this lately and sometimes think it is related to
> the weather.  Last winter when it was cold, I found I needed more insulin.
> THen as it got warmer, I needed less.  Now as it is getting colder again, my
> BG level are rising.  However, I increased my basal rate, was fine for about
> a week and now am having low's.  I don't understand it. I know I need to
> spend some time writing down everything I eat and do and my BG to help me
> discover patterns but it's hard to make the time.

One thing that happens when it's cold is that you burn more energy to keep
yourself warm unless the ambient temperature is controled (heaters, etc..)
or you wear more clothes.

More energy means more insulin to metabolize it.

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