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Re: [IP] novolog

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Jeff Martin wrote:

> Hi again.  I have heard a lot of references to novolog.  Is there any real
> difference between this and humalog?  I have seen many people write and say
> that there control was better and their basals and all lowered due to the
> switch to novolog.  Is there any website that compares the two (novolog and
> humalog).  I have looked at the novo nordisk website and didn't find too
> much info.  I realize YMMV, and am very curious about whether or not novolog
> can make a difference in dosages and better control.  Thanks in advance.
> Jeff Martin

Novolog and Humalog are both insulin analogs, but they have different
molecular structure. Humalog switches two of the molecules in the B chain
while Novolog replaces one of them with a molecule of aspiratic(sp?) acid.
The modifications to the B chain are what makes both of these absorb
faster. Different people apparently have differing tolerance to these
"foreign" molecules. Based on data collected about Humalog, appx 5-6% of
reporting Insulin Pumper members have a sensitivity to Humalog. Novolog is
too new to have collected any meaningful data, but the few (half dozen or
so) reports from users that previously had problems with Humalog indicate
that Novolog works better for them and does not appear to have the side
effects. Several users have reported a decrease in overall insulin use
after switching to Novolog from an H/V or H/R mix. This is all ancedotal
data and very tenative at that. Nothing bad has been reported that I am
aware of.

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