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[IP] Boston Area Disetronic Pumpers!!! HELP!

This evening (on my 2 year pump anniversary, no less)  I got a low battery
alarm on my Htron Plus.  No problem says I, the savvy though somewhat
disorganized pumper....  I figure out which box my batteries were in (I
moved back in September) and dug them out (4 pairs of batteries...)  only
to discover that /somehow/ during the move the batteries were
damaged!!!!  NONE of them work.  Disetronic has been kind enough to send
replacements for the damaged ones, but they won't get here till
MONDAY...  and I don't think sky will last that long....  (in fact, she's
finally gone into "stop" mode, as i write this!)

I really don't want to do shots for the next 60 hours....  any chance
there's a boston area D pumper who has an extra pair of batteries they
could give me?  I'll happily give you one of the pairs that will arrive on
monday....  I just want to be able to pump over the weekend!  i even have
my dad's car this weekend, so i can come to where you are and pick them

please, Insulin-Pumpers, you're my only hope!!!

dx'ed 3/89
assimilated 10/19/99 (two years ago today!)

Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
email @ redacted
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