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[IP] Re: change in morning bg levels

>From Rhonda McClary
'has anyone else ever been on the same basal rates for long period of time
and all of a sudden there needs to be a dramatic change in your rate? '

I have been going through this lately and sometimes think it is related to 
the weather.  Last winter when it was cold, I found I needed more insulin.  
THen as it got warmer, I needed less.  Now as it is getting colder again, my 
BG level are rising.  However, I increased my basal rate, was fine for about 
a week and now am having low's.  I don't understand it. I know I need to 
spend some time writing down everything I eat and do and my BG to help me 
discover patterns but it's hard to make the time.  Also seem s that there are 
so many variables (as others have also complained about) that it is hard to 
know what is going on.

Type 1 28 years, Minimed 507C 2+ years.
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