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[IP] off topic - happy Halloween

Ok, I know it's early for this. But this year is really going to be a happy
Halloween for us. No really not getting into the holiday, but we have other
reasons to be happy.

We have been trying to adopt a child for 2 years now.  We have not been
successful!  This Halloween we will finalize our adoption on our baby girl
that we have had since December of last  year.  Over the last 2 years, we
have lost 3 children - all of which were returned to the birth parents.  I
wrote about this in the past, and wanted to share with everyone our happy
moment.  And as a side note,  we might be getting to adopt our little girl's
brother.  Though it's way to early to tell.  We brought him home from the
hospital last month.

Will never look at this day the same again.



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