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[IP] Pump Upgrades

I contacted MiniMed, Animas and Disetronic via e-mail - after someone in the
chat room last week suggested I check into a pump upgrade, since my MiniMed
507 is 4-1/2 years old and out of warranty.  I got a response from Animas -  A
FedExed package the following day and a phone call the day after that!  I
still haven't heard from either of the other companies.

I've talked to Charlene from Animas a couple times and she told me that they
would even accept my MiniMed pump as a trade in for a new pump!  I like the
Animas pump (I have a MiniMed now cause when I started on the pump - I didn't
know there were other companies out there!) and was actually thinking about
getting that one anyway -- so we've put everything in motion.  Charlene
contacted my insurance company - GHP Access Plus -- (which I just got in
September so don't know much about) and they're even going to pay 100% on a
new pump!!  Which is great - cause my 507 is starting to cause an occasional
problem or two -- the main one being the door coming open and the reservoir
coming out!  I definitely don't want to end up overbolusing sometime!!  (Hey
Rodney -- got that duct tape handy?  It happened again today!!)

Even if my insurance wouldn't pay 100% - I was told that with my pump as
trade-in, Animas would accept whatever insurance paid them to upgrade my

So, hope this helps answer a few questions on pump upgrades!

I'll keep you all posted and let you know what's going on!!

(By the way -- did you guys know that the new Animas pump - the R1000 - comes
with replaceable covers - about like a cell phone?  You can buy any color
cover for it -- and they also have reusable stickers - like for holidays and
stuff - to change the look of the pump!  This would be GREAT for those
children on insulin pumps!  Will make the pump fit in a little better with
everyday life!!)

Deb in Southern Illinois
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