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Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 9:02 PM

> Hi everyone,         Again I write with more challenges than I seem to be
> to handle.  Working with my endocrinologist and his CDE, but sometimes I
> really feel like i'm in denial of this dis-ease.  Last week I had a severe
> hypoglycemic reaction, at work, which required me to have glucose given IV
> the EMTs. Everyone i work with did not know what to do, of course i was
> unconscious, so that made it difficult for anything to be done for me.  I
> not know it was happening to me either it just happened. They gave me
> days administrative leave to see my physician, which was already scheduled
> anyway.  I have been under a great deal of stress with a divorce,
> that doesn't seem to be getting any better with meds, and I feel like
> up this whole thing, I really need some support here,and suggestions
> I'm ready to rip the pump out after 2 years of use. Thanx- Sharyn
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For one thing, as long as you are depressed you won't be feeling good
anytime soon. Divorce can be one of the most potent stress producing
situations in life. If things are not working out you should sit yourself
down and go over the reasons you suspect for this, preferably with a
psychiatrist or other mental health professional.  Discontinuing the pump
will just make you more stressed out. Until you frankly discuss your
feelings with someone, including any negative feelings you may have for
them, you will not get benefits from the treatment otherwise. Depression is
a difficult illness to treat but very common in diabetics. Find someone you
are comfortable with and work thru your problems.
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