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Re: [IP] Torn calf muscles

>>>I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced problems
with torn muscles.  I have had two torn calf muscles within 5 months
(opposite legs). Sharon>>>

I *claim* to have an atheletic injury at Notre Dame. We had a health fair
called *You've Got To Be Kidding* for adults (fundraiser) and all sorts of
*playthings*. I was in charge of the DM booth where we had tricycle races.
Of course there were all kinds of medical people in attendance. When things
were clearing out, they were slowly moving the Hummer out and some people
were walking in front. It had a very quiet motor. I told them to watch out
and as I hopped out of the way it felt like I was shot in the calf with a
bullet. I could not move an inch. They came running over to me - of course
ALL the doctors had left the building by then. A coach said I busted a vein
in my leg and it had to be iced.

Well, it was my right (driving) leg and the only ice around was leftover
popsicles. I had an 8-mile drive home. They wheeled me to my car. This was
extremely painful and I had to take my left hand to ice my right leg and
steer about 11:00 p.m.!!! My hugsband got home w/his truck and helped me in
the house since I couldn't walk.  About 2 weeks later the exact same thing
happened in the same leg. I had NO bruising.

A few months later at a DM support group we had a cardiac dr. talk to us. I
told him of my experience and I was puzzled why no bruising. He said I did
NOT break a vessel, but sometimes a tendon will get a nick in it and that's
what it was. He suggested if I play tennis, to hire someone to do it for me.
;)  This was 9 yrs. ago and it has not happened since, but I am careful
(try!!) about taking long walks.

I'm wondering what do they do for your torn muscles? (~_^)

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