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RE: [IP] high blood sugars with PAIN

Take the pain meds as needed.  I have/had frozen shoulder bilaterally, plus
some other shoulder problems and take 4 - 5 vicodin a day.  If I don't, or
wake up in a lot of pain, my blood sugars tend to run higher.  My Endo said
it's the stress of the pain raising my blood sugar.  I don't worry about
becoming addicted.  I never feel a "buzz" from the meds, just relief from
the pain.  I have gone for about 21 hours without and couldn't stand the
pain and I know I'm not addicted.  My PT ALWAYS wanted me to take my pain
meds before going in for therapy.  Do you ice your shoulder after therapy?
That offers great relief too.  About 20 minutes worth really helps!
Manipulation was extremely painful for me too.  I ended up having to have a
full capsular release surgery done and it was a truly miraculous surgery for
me.  Hope this helps and email if you have any questions.

Take care,

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