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Re: [IP] Torn calf muscles

> I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced problems with
> torn muscles.  I have had two torn calf muscles within 5 months (opposite
> legs).  I also have Grave's Disease and recent trigger finger.  I don't know
> if any of these are connected in any way.  BTW, I've never had a torn muscle
> previously, I exercise regularly and always have exercised.  Any suggestions?
> Sharon

I'd get the Grave's dz seen to. Thyroid dz can affect the calcium ions in
the muscles.
They radiated my overactive thyroid years ago and now I take .175 mg of
synthroid everyday. My muscles however, are fine and I don't have any iof
the 'frozen shoulders' and the other ills seeming to beleaguer everyone of

-- Jenny Sutherland
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