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[IP] Kayla's been on Novolog for a week

I don't often post to the list, but I lurk on the digest and read about
others trying Novolog.  Kayla is 8yo and we've been mixing H/V for about
3 years now.  We started mixing because she had developed a site allergy
to the Humalog.  With mixing we were getting 2 1/2 to 3 days max out of
a site and if we did get to day 3, her numbers were creeping up.  We
also found that Humalog NEVER worked quickly for her; even pre-pump.  
It worked more like Regular.  It would take 30 minutes to kick in and
last 4-5 hours.  Regular was even worse.

We switched to Novolog one week ago and her numbers have been almost
perfect.  Her first site lasted 4 days.  Her basals and bolus ratios are
the same, but I find that she is getting less insulin overall because we
aren't having to chase as many highs.  The Novolog seems to be kicking
in sooner and bringing her postprandials down faster.  With H or H/V she
would be in the 300's 2 hrs after a meal and not back to normal for 4
hrs.  Now she's in the low 200's 2 hours out and not crashing at 4.

Last night she had a chicken sandwich and biggie fries from Wendy's (no
lectures please) which would normally keep her in the 300s all night no
matter how we bolused.  At midnight she was 135 and this morning was at
215.  I think the fat probably kicked in later and that's why she went
up some.

Overall we are pleased with Novolog.

mom to Kayla, 8yo, pumping 3+ years
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