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[IP] Re: other complations

 > Yep, it seems that "WHATEVER" goes wrong, once they find out you have
 > Diabetes, Diabetes is the reason. Even if you get a sore throat....
 > It frustrates me so many times because I have things wrong with me that
 > have absolutely nothing to do with diabetes yet, that's the first thing 
 > pin it on!
 > Kathy Bruckmeyer

Actually, I've found the opposite, although mostly from years ago.  In '77 
I was told that carpal tunnel had absolutely nothing to do with dm, and 
that it also had nothing to do with my job, because 80 year old ladies 
could get it also.  When it turned out I had frozen shoulder, it was 
rotator cuff (like baseball pitchers) from over stressing on a weight 
machine.  I believe that nearly everything is related to dm.  It is not a 
direct connection but does have an effect.  When our cells are constantly 
bombarded with extra glucose, or starved, it must have some kind of 
response.  While we may have gotten these complications regardless of dm, 
and many that do not have dm get them, it has to make many of them more likely.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times 
like these.
  - Paul Harvey
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