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[IP] Ouch! Venting...

Okay...I've had it!!!  I have had nothing but problems (since our move in
June) and to add insult to injury...I fell down the stairs in the most
undignified way!  See I have neuropathy plus I fell and broke my left knee
in 1997...and ever since then my left knee no longer locks into place.  I
was going down stairs last night when my left leg (yes I was holding the
railing) went out from under me...causing me to land on my right rear
end...banging & skinning my right elbow...and sliding the rest of the way
down the stairs on my butt!  I now have a bruise the size of Texas on my
right rear!  And it is black!  My right side hurts all the way up to my
armpit...and I have pains in my lower back.  It  looks as though somebody
has taken a baseball bat to my backside!  I seem to hurt all over
too...*sigh*!!!  I quit!!!

Love to all,
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