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Re: [IP] Auto immune disease and Gulf War Syndrome

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From: "Melissa Cahill" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 8:45 AM
Subject: [IP] Auto immune disease and Gulf War Syndrome

> Has anyone seen any research on any link to auto immune diseases and Gulf
> War Syndrome.  Our daughter, 4 years old, has diabetes and now ITP (Immune
> Thrombocytopnic purpura).  Both are auto immune diseases.  She is our only
> child of 5 with medical problems and she is also out only post war baby.
> know it might just be coincidence, but maybe not.  Lots of "different"
> things have come from Gulf War.
> Thanks for info,
> Missi
> Mom to Rachel and Blossom (MM 508)
> ----------------------------------------------------------
Missi: ITP or Henoch Schoenlein purpura is very common in kids and is a
marrow disorder, I doubt if this was 2'dary to  the Gulf war Since Henoch
and Schoenlein (2 mid 1920's German Pediatricians described this entity long
ago, before current armaments or toxins were being used. My training Analyst
had this in his 20's and again in his late 70's. I told him it was
psychogenic just to jerk his analytical chain. We have not seen a
substantial increase in this disease in the last 20 years. There is an
excellent monograph on it but ver heavily into medical and immunological
lingo published in medical clinics of immunology (a throw away paperback) If
I find it I'll loan it to you. Like iddm, some protein in the platelets
leaks out and is "seen" by killer T-cells which make it foreign and set off
the chain of destrucion of platelets. Interestingly, my older dau is named
Rachel. spot
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