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[IP] Re: Disagree w/ the disagree with insulin smell issue

email @ redacted wrote:
Michael and others -
I have to say I disagree with your assessment of the insulin smell.  I
ALWAYS smell the insulin when my pants are pulled down or when the pump
comes close to my face for whatever reason.  Now - there may be a leak, but
the thing is working and my sugars are just fine, so I doubt it.  My
trainer (a pump-wearer herself) also agrees the smell is there.  (I use
MM508).  Thanks.

And I'm back to agreeing w/ Michael & others.  My son Luke uses
a MM508 pump, and the only times that we have smelled insulin during
pumping is when the luer lock cracked, when the tubing got cut, when
his cannula pulled out under the tape & his bolus got the tape wet
instead of getting absorbed into his skin......it means a problem
for us.  YMMV.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/01, pumping 3/5/01

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