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[IP] Re: Celiac Sprue

Celiac Sprue is a chronic reaction to certain protein chains called glutens. 
The reaction causes destruction of the villi in the small intestines with the 
malabsortion of nutrients. I have an allergic  reaction to wheat, barley & 
Rye. I have had  vit. D defiency & my hgb. has always been a problem. TThe 
Doctors did a blood test on me then a endoscopy to check out the villi & 
thats how they diagnosed me with celiac Sprue.  I really didn't have the 
classic symtoms such as chronic diarreha, stomache pains but I did have a lot 
of back aches which  was ignored by my Endo. Most Sprue patients are skinny 
but unfortunately that was not the case with me.  This was all discovered by 
Me asking for a bone density test.  I had broken my ankles twice in the past 
5 years and seemed tired all the time. Kept telling the Endo & he kept 
sluffing me off using the famous you are depressed thing, so I went to a 
doctor who would do the test I asked for.  I gotta give the Endo credit for 
finding the celiac Sprue because he ordered the blood test to test for the 
celiac.   Anyhow  its all controlled by diet,  a Yuk diet at that!   I still 
have more test to go thru to see how much damage it has done to  the rest of 
the body.                     Sincerely,
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