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[IP] Re: battery time

> just wondering if any one out there that has a minimed 508 that >loses
time. It
> seems like I have to add a minute or two  every 1-2 wks
Okay kids, here is today's chemistry lesson:  time is a very funny unit to
keep track of.  Lithium batteries have been popular because they do it
pretty well and Cesium clocks are now called "atomic clocks"  due to their
accuracy (it would take several thousand years for them to lose one second)
but Lithium batteries produce a lot of heat and cesium isn't common.  Nickel
batteries are a nice size, and are used in many other products.  So it is
really more a problem of your battery's capacity to maintain time than your
pump's.  Feel free to discuss.  I am sure that there are ways to add enough
battery power to get better time, but scientists and engineers are still
working to make a clock that will not lose time.  (Sometimes, if you have a
backup battery, you counter balance the effect because the backup runs
faster when the other one dies (this sometimes happens with desk clocks that
you plug in.))
Sorry for being analytical, but I went to a seminar about this stuff very
recently (It's cool to be in school..)
Good luck all,
Katy Hawes
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