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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is another name for encapsulitis, which is when the 'capsule' 
around the joint muscle/cartilage/tendon connection area becomes inflamed, 
sometimes causing scar tissue.  the build up of scar tissue can cause reduced 
range of motion and sometimes pain when quickly moving the arm/shoulder 
beyond that limited range of motion.  When I went for the therapy evaluation- 
I had only 15 degrees of rotation out of 90- that I should have had in the 
one direction of movement!  (and the pcp that I had fired the month before 
had told me well you're getting older- you'll just have to accept that things 
are going to slow down now! .... that had been the last straw that broke the 
camel's back-no pun intended as a spinal fracture and how the office had 
handled my requests for xrays and ortho referrals had been handled were the 
first straw!!)

Once the therapists/doctors get the scar tissue broke up a little it is 
important to keep up with exercises that they give you to keep the scar 
tissue from building up again.

Hope this helps!

aka Mouse
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