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[IP] Variables

First. I also terribly get frustrated with the people
with 20/20 hind 
who don't understand the problems of all the
variables. You know the 
ones I 
mean. Their advice often starts out with "Well, you
should have 
that ..."

                  * * * * * *  

AMEN TO THAT!!!!!  My Mom does this to me all the
time.  I know that she means well and only wants
what's best for me, BUT  she really doesn't understand
diabetes very well and can really make me feel guilty.
 She can make me second guess myself and think I have
done something to make my blood sugar go up, when most
of the time I haven't!!!

The other night we were having dinner at her house,
and she said:  "Too bad your sister didn't have
diabetes instead of you.  She has more discipline and
doesn't use salad dressing on her salads."  
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  She conveniently forgets that
my sister occ. eats an entire bag of potato chips at
one sitting.  I also wouldn't wish this disease on
her.  So....I try to take my Mom with a grain of salt,
but those kinds of comments sting.  Thanks for letting
me ventilate!!

Pat (pumpless, but not for long!)

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