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[IP] RE: any advice?

My daughter Shannon (11) doesn't disconnect often...she generally
only uses the plug if she disconnects while swimming.

When we were using humalog we didn't correct before 2hrs
(otherwise she would drop low) but with novolog we can correct a
little earlier because it acts faster for her. This is probably a
YMMV thing though and you'll eventually learn when it's best to
correct by trial and error.

Congrats on pumping!

take care, Kerri

Jeff said:
Hi, I just started pumping a couple of days ago.  I have a couple
questions.  With the quicksets, there is a protective cover that
goes on the
insertion site when disconnecting.  Is this piece necessary to
use when
showering or disconnected?  If so, is there a trick to getting it
on?  Also,
how long to most of you wait after delivering a correction bolus
acting again on another high?  For example:  I tested about an
hour ago and
my bg was 213, so I delivered a correction bolus.  I just tested
now and was
203.  Do I give another correction bolus now, or wait longer to
let the
insulin act?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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