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Re: [IP] any advice?

>Hi, I just started pumping a couple of days ago.  I have a couple of 
>questions.  With the quicksets, there is a protective cover that goes on 
>the insertion site when disconnecting.  Is this piece necessary to use 
>when showering or disconnected?

I'm not sure if it is needed or not. Some people  never use them and others 
do. I generally use the cover but have not had any obvious problem the 
times I omit  it.

>   If so, is there a trick to getting it on?

Yeah. It takes a lot of patience and  gentle manipulation. I've never had 
trouble reconnection a set but the protective cap is a totally different 
story. At one point I would save a cap that went on easily and continually 
reuse until I lost it.

>   Also, how long to most of you wait after delivering a correction bolus 
> before acting again on another high?  For example:  I tested about an 
> hour ago and my bg was 213, so I delivered a correction bolus.  I just 
> tested now and was 203.  Do I give another correction bolus now, or wait 
> longer to let the insulin act?

This one you have to be careful about. Here is what I do - but be aware 
this may not be appropriate for you and you should consult with your 
healthcare professional about this issue.

Originally my CDE instructed never take two boluses less than 4 hours 
apart. That was good advice that I have since then slightly modified - If 
it has been 3 1/2 hours since the last bolus then I use my normal 
correction amount. If it has been 3 hours since the last bolus I assume 
that 10% of the last bolus is still active and I subtract that amount from 
the current correction. Unless there is some extenuating circumstance 
(extra food intake, previous bolus was know to be less than required, site 
problem, etc) I do not use a correction bolus if it has been less than 3 
hours since the previous bolus.

There is more information on this issue in the "Pumping Insulin" book under 
"The Unused Bolus Rule" (Chapter 13).

Good luck and welcome to the pump.

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