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RE: [IP] guess who called! 508 and time loss

I have. I had shared with the IPers a problem that we had with
our pump and someone from here apparently forwarded it to the
company. I probably would've been more appreciative of the call
had the guy that called from the company not been extremely
insistent that that problem just does not happen with their pumps
(I guess it was just my imagination the 2-3 times it happened? I
sure as heck wasn't making it up, and I had witnesses to back me
up.) I didn't really mind someone telling the company about it
because they need to be made aware of problems, but it would've
been nice to have had a heads up first (on my other mailing lists
it is considered bad etiquette to be forwarding emails and such
without the person's knowledge and/or consent and/or with any
identifying info on it). In our case, the problem had already
been resolved (with a call to the company) and dealt with long
before I got this call - I was only sharing it here to help
others avoid that same problem (and I mentioned that the company
had already been called about it). I sure didn't need to be told
(basically) that I was a liar. A little acknowledgement (of the
problem) and support would've been nice. I will say the company
has been great with other problems we've had (no more pump
problems but supplies needing to be returned/exchanged, etc).

I guess this, too, is one of those YMMV things. :)

take care, Kerri

David said:
has any one else gotten a phone call from a concern stated on the
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