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Re: [IP] Carb counts vs. Protien

> Hi,  I am trying to do carb counting and this seems to
> be the big thing for pumpers.  But, I tried a low-carb
> diet and found that even if I ate virtually no carbs
> at a meal:  cottage cheese and meat, and counted the
> few carbs in the cheese and only covered those, my
> blood sugar still skyrocketed.  
> My CDE thinks I am nuts.  She says that I only need to
> cover carbs.  Has anyone else had glucose rises eating
> protein and fat only?  

Fat does not contribute but all protein is eventually converted to 
glucose -- there is a conversion factor listed somewhere in Pumping 
Insulin, can't remember exactly where. The conversion process takes 
anywhere from 5 - 7 hours and is the prime reason foods like pizza 
(high in cheese) or a hugh steak will affect blood sugars many hours 

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