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RE: [IP] change in morning bg levels

Hello everyone!

I am hoping someone can explain this scenario for me.  I have been on my
pump for a year this month.  The following has always been my basal rates -
12 mid - .9; 3 a.m. - 1.1; 7 a.m. - .4; and 2 p.m. - .5.

So...since Monday morning..I wake up at around 7:00 a.m. - 7:30 a. m. and by
bg is around 120, and every day this week by the time I get to work and
check again between 9 - 9:30 a.m., I am in the 200s....and I am not even
eating breakfast...  I guess obviously I need to up my 7a.m. basal rate, but
has anyone else ever been on the same basal rates for long period of time
and all of a sudden there needs to be a dramatic change in your rate?  Just
curious.  The only that has changed as far as my usual routine is that I
have been taking a new blood pressure medication before I go to bed at

Thanks for your help.

Rhonda McClary
22 years since dx
1 year pumping
email @ redacted
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