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Re: [IP] too many variables!

>Does anyone out there ever get frustrated by the
>number of variables we have to manage on a day to day

Absolutely!!!! Two points about this.

First. I also terribly get frustrated with the people with 20/20 hind sight 
who don't understand the problems of all the variables. You know the ones I 
mean. Their advice often starts out with "Well, you should have recognized 
that ..."

The second point is that I find that in almost all cases the really bad 
problems are cased by a combination of several things going wrong and all 
contributing to the issue. An example would be a recent trip to Europe - 
the food was different (so I wasn't too sure of carb counts), the schedule 
was different (5 hr jet lag), the exercise was different (not normally 
swimming), I was developing what turned into an awful cold (did not realize 
it at the time) and a site had become crimped.

Anyway, I agree - all the variables are REALLY tough to deal with.

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