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[IP] MM Quiksets/help!

No, I didn't get a video with the quikserter...I really don't know why I was 
disconnecting the sofset before putting it on the sofserter, I think the MM 
rep. that trained us did it this way. Maybe to make it less clumsier for my 
12 yr. old daughter who is the one using the pump. After she inserts, she 
connects back on and primes to fill the cannula. That's why I was so 
surprised when I saw the QSet, didn't know you could insert this way, afraid 
maybe some insulin could be pushed in accidentally or something, but someone 
recommended I put the pump in Suspend mode so I will do this, it's a good 
idea. Thanks for everybody's input.

By the way, we are going thru terrible bs's these days, I guess the hormones 
are kicking in again and the fact that she's excersing way too little with 
all the schoolwork she has to do in the afternoon its really hard to get her 
to do anything...


Mom to Eileen, pumping for 1 yr. and 2 months with a MM508/love it!

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