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[IP] other complations

 good morning everyone,
  My name is Pam, I am a type 1 for the past 23 years I will be starting on 
the Mini-med 508 after the training that starts on the 1st of November.My 
question is this:
 I had to have a "frozen shoulder" manipulated yesterday and was told it was 
caused from being a diabetic.I have never heard of this being a complation 
from diabetes has anyone else ever heard of it? I thought my arm hurt before 
after they got done at the hospital yesterday I was in so much pain my b/s 
went up to 419 !
  Another problem that I have that I was told was from being diabetic are 
"cheast pains" theyfeel like I am having a heart attack and at first the ER 
doctors thought so to. After more then 10 trips to the hospital and every 
test possible I am being told it is " FOCAL NURAPATHY" from being a 
diabetic.Anyone  heard of this ?
 Any information would be helpful.
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